BlueHost Review – Is it really the best web host?

bluehost reviews 2015Powering over 2 million websites, BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting firm which offers shared hosting. If we are talking about numbers and compare BlueHost to its competition, iPage hosts only one million websites. Why is this huge difference? There could be multiple reasons why BlueHost has so many customers and hosts so many sites.

The company was founded in 1996, probably at the time when personal computer has become so popular. As the demand for information has increased with more internet users, more websites were created; therefor most hosting accounts were needed. Basically they have started at the right time. It is certain that they had to keep their clients to be able to have such a huge customer portfolio.

With the great support and service they have been providing over the years, the company managed to survive almost 20 years in the hosting industry, today having its own 20,000 square feet data-center.

BlueHost offers 24×7 online support, their support team being trained in-house.

The company offers various hosting plans and services and has a unique anytime money back guarantee. In this Bluehost review, in the first place, we will be analyzing the different plans they offer and will also explain the benefits of each package and how to choose the right one.

For a more detailed review on BlueHost, I suggest checking out WebHostingMedia, an independent hosting review website, which provides great information about various hosting providers, tutorials on how to set up a website, and resources to learn more about hosting and website building.

Let’s continue with our BlueHost review:

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting, to build your first website, the shared plan is you should consider. The starter package allows you to host one website for $3.49 / month. For multiple website the plus or the business pro plan is recommended, which allows hosting unlimited website and offers unlimited space and bandwidth. The number of email accounts is limited to 100 only for the starter package. The business pro package also includes 1 SSL, 1 dedicated IP and domain privacy, as well SiteBackup Pro.

BlueHost Virtual Server Plans

If you are looking for a more advanced and flexible hosting plan, that can support more visitors probably you will want to check out their VPS plans. The cost of the standard package starts at $14.99 including a vps with 2CPU cores, 30GB storage and 2GB available RAM. As your website grows you can upgrade your plan to a greater one.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

There are three dedicated server options available at Bluehost, the standard starting at $74.99 including 4×2.5 GHz CPU and 1TB of mirrored storage. It is possible to choose managed or unmanaged servers as well.

BlueHost WordPress Optimized Hosting

Users who want to build their site with the popular content management system, WordPress, they have the option to choose the hosting plan that is specially created for this purpose. Bluehost’s wordpress hosting ensures that your wordpress site runs fast and smooth in a highly secured environment. The add-ons and tool that are included in these plans will help you to create a website much more easier.

It is important fact that BlueHost has been recommended by as favorite hosting provider since 2005.


Thanks for a good review – What’s your impression about BlueHost customer service? It’s a sore subject for some, but others have a pretty great experience. Just curious for another opinion.

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