Camera – Free Responsive Slideshow for Joomla 2.5, 3.x
Compatible with: 2.5 3.0+
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Camera is a flexible and powerful, easy to use and customize Slideshow module build with jQuery. This free joomla slideshow is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x versions. The module has lots of features which can be enabled and disabled or changed from the module parameters. The module supports up to 20 slides with images, thumbnails, videos and image captions. The slideshow works very well with mobile devices (it is responsive), so I highly recommend this module for everyone. You can display more than one Camera Slideshow modules on the same page.

Embed Videos

To embed videos from Youtube or Vimeo please use the following link patterns and change the video ID. Please note that you have to add an image as well to the slide, other way the slide that contain the video link will not be active and will not work.

embed video camera slideshow joomla

Embed Youtube Videos:

Embed Vimeo Videos:

Note: the module use cache to generate the thumbnails and these are saved in the module folder; make sure that the folder is writable (permission of folder should be 777) otherwise the thumbnails will not work.

If you have any question or have found a bug, please leave a comment below on the page and I will try to fix it.


February 28, 2015 – Fixed image path problem and updated module to work with latest jQuery 1.11.1 version.

February 04, 2013 – Fixed loading problem (module now loads jQuery 1.8.3 version from Google, because the latest jQuery 1.9.0 version is not compatible with Camera slideshow). Please download the new  version!

  1. Franz-Josef Bleif Reply


    I have installed the pop-up login module. It’s great and it works very well. Many thanks.
    Now, I will install your Camera – Free jQuery Slideshow for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0. I hae a question:
    Is this module compatible with your login module?
    Is it necessary to change something in the login module to avoid a conflict between those two.?
    Please, write me. I will wait for your answer before I install the slideshow.
    Thanks and best wishes.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Hello Josef!
      I see that on your website the jQuery library is loaded twice. (it is loaded by default and loaded via Camera slideshow.) Deactivate the jQuery library on all modules (or extensions) and let me know if this solved your issue.

  2. Mohamed Reply


    I have installed this module , it works fine for google chrome and IE but it doesn’t work in firefox ?
    could you please help me , how to solve this problem ?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      The demo of this module does not work for you in FireFox? Why version are you using? Can you please provide a link where you are testing it?
      Maybe it is a Javascript conflict… Please provide more info.

  3. BedsBedUK Reply

    This is a great module! We don’t have difficulty in installing the module to our site.

  4. BedsBedUK Reply

    @Mohamed: mine works in chrome, firefox and in IE. The Admin must be right, it must be a Javascript conflict.

  5. karli678 Reply

    Hi, a wonderful module. Thanks. But it dosn´t work since two days. I use it in two pages. Since yesterday the pages don´t show ist.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Thanks for letting me know about this issue. Please download the new version of the module.

  6. Pablo Reply

    I have installed this module but doesn´t work in my web. I have seen all options but it don´t work. Which position is the correct for it?

  7. Andrea Reply

    Actually to my last comment if I activate jQuery 1.7.1 (local only) all works normal. How do you address this problem?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      The module was loading the latest jQuery library from jQuery server. They have released a new version (1.9.0) and this is not compatible with many jQuery plugins, including Camera slideshow. The module was updated and now loads the jQuery 1.8.3 version from Google server.

  8. enguez Reply

    One thing I noticed is that the jQuery call must be made from the of the page, otherwise it fails to load.

    This must be done if your template uses jQuery for other functionality and to avoid the double call of the library by disabling the library call in the module options.

    Great module by the way!

  9. enguez Reply

    My last comment is incomplete, perhaps because I used an HTML tag to write HEAD of the HTML document.

    The jQuery call must be done in the HEADER if your template uses jQuery for another functionality.

    Disable the library call in the module panel…and all runs smoothly!

  10. Chris Reply

    Extension works great, installs easy and is easy to setup. However, when I use the extension on another page, the slideshow doesn’t load. I’ve disable jQuery library and played with putting it in the header, and no luck. Really would like to solve this as your Camera Slideshow extension is the one I like the most.

  11. Alex Reply

    JE Camera Slideshow shows slides only on the main page. On other pages only miniatures.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Probably you are using the older version of the slideshow. Please download the new version and reinstall and let me know if the problem still exists.

  12. Alex Reply

    Version of the module was old. With the new version has the same. Set another template and get all good.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      So you are saying that the module still not working? Can you give me the url of your website so I can check out what the problem is? Thanks for the bug report by the way.

  13. Kloeskes Reply

    On my site the camera module doesen’t work. On source text it is shown, but will not run.

    PHP 5.4.16
    Joomla! 3.4.0 Stable [ Ember ] 24-February-2015 23:00 GMT

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      From what I see on your site, the camera slider is not working because the jQuery library is not loaded. To be more precise, it is loaded but only after the camera javascript. Please enable the jQuery library in the camera slideshow module and let me know if that fixes the problem.

  14. Kloeskes Reply

    jQuery library in the camera slideshow module is enabled. Problem not fixed.

  15. Kloeskes Reply

    Problem solved. I set the code “” in my index.php behind jQuery. Thanks yet.

  16. silvia Reply

    The component after the upgrade joomla 3.4.0
    get this error:
    access denied error 403
    I already add file .htaccess like this but none!

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    help me please

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Don’t think that this error is caused by the module. The module was tested on 3.4.0 version and works fine. Also make sure that the modules/mod_je_camera/thumbs folder and the thumbs.php file is writable.

  17. robbert Reply

    Same problem, the module does’nt work i set the write rights folder to 777
    and enable jquery.
    Help me

  18. Mari Paz Reply

    this message is an advice to the admin.
    I have validated my web code, and I have some mistake in the module camera. I change a line and the mistake have disappeared.

    This is the change:
    In the mod_je_camera.php file in the line number 128 you have to add & to the & charact

    instead to use only &

    Thanks for the module

  19. M Paz Reply

    This afternoon I upload the new version of JE Camera, but in my web don´t appear the slider

    What can I do?
    I try to write the module again after charge the new version, but It does not work

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      It looks like the latest jquery plugin is loaded twice on your page. Deactivate the jQuery library that is loaded by the template…

      • M Paz Reply

        Thanks you, I solve the problem deactivate the Jquery library of my template

  20. Imarcos Reply

    Hi! I have update the plugin to the new version, overwriting the old one
    but it doesn’t appear on the website.

  21. Pablo Reply


    Why the module does not adjust the size of the images on mobile devices?
    Can I adjust this?
    How can I apply bootsrap to the module?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Because the camera has a fixed height it will partially “cut off” the left and right side of the images on a smaller screen. I will try to fix this.
      Why would you implement bootsrap to the module?

  22. Sergio Reply

    Hi, the module does not generate thumbnails.
    I think a permission error,
    How can i resolve?
    Thank you
    Great module

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Change the permission of the folder where the module is installed to 777.
      The module should be located at: root_joomla/modules/mod_je_camera
      The simplest way to change the permission is via an FTP client. If you are using FileZilla, you should right-clock on the folder you want to change the permission and then click File Attributes.
      You could also change the permission of the folder via your cPanel control panel: go to the File Manager, locate the folder of the module and click on the Change Permission icon.
      If none of these you can use SSH connection, if your host allows this. Here is a tutorial
      The last option is to contact your host or system admin and ask to change it for you. Keep in mind, that some hosts will not allow you to change the permission to 777 because of security reasons.

  23. Nicole Reply

    Love how simple the extension is but any way to shrink the module down.
    As is it takes up 100% width of homepage and it is stretching the image bigger than it is as well as cropping top and bottom of images.
    Please advise

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      You should resize the images before uploading. Makes sure the images has the same width as the main content and the ratio is 1:3. Show me your demo page if you have a chance.

  24. michael Reply

    New to Joomla and just trying out the plugin. Very easy to use but I’m looking to get the placement not at TOP MIDDLE of the page using beez_20 but BOTTOM MIDDLE (under the main content and not over it). Am I missing something here?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Try to publish the module to “position-9″ position, this is located at the bottom of the page under the content. If you are not sure about the module positions of your template use the ?tp=1 at the end of the url in your browsers, just like this: jextensions. com/?tp=1

      • michael Reply

        Thanks! Very nice little trick. Turning on a visualization of positioning, however, shows that position-9 one of three small, grey background areas used by the ‘Joomla!’ module to display a banner. I have turned off that banner in the settings but, if I place the slider there it shows up off-center and to the left (and it cuts of the images). I’m sure this is all my novice-nature in Joomla! itself.
        Thanks for the info!

  25. Allan Reply

    It looks bad. Image are the same size, but the slideshow does not fit the images to the chosen size.
    The images that is displayed is a segment of the image, depending on the image alignment.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      What image sizes you were using, and what is the maximum width of the slideshow box?

  26. Stuhrer Reply

    I cannot get it working in Joomla 3.4.1. It works fine in Joomla 2.5. I am using the same template and the exact same settings and the same browser. Any suggestions?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      I tested on version 3.4.1 and works for me. Are you getting an error message or the module is not rendering? What is the problem exactly?

  27. suvarna Reply

    I have installed JE camera slideshow. It is working fine. But I need to bring the thumbnail bullets on the slider image instead of outside image. Could some one help me in this regard?
    Thanks in advance.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Add this css code to the styles.css file:
      .camera_pag { position:absolute; bottom:10px; left:10px;}

      • suvarna Reply

        Hi, Thanks for the reply. I could not find style.css file in Template Manager–> Customise template. I could see template.css and template-rtl.css in css list. Kindly advice. Thanks and regards,

        • extension developer
          Admin Reply

          You can not customize a module like that. It is not possible to change module’s css style from the backend. If you want to change the CSS style of the module, you will need to edit the /modules/mod_je_camera/css/camera.css file.

  28. Niccu Reply

    had the old version (2.5.1) and figured to update to the latest version. I had a white screen of death :(

  29. Oliver Reply

    Hi, I have a question.

    I installed JE Camera Slideshow module and I am happy with it.

    Now I want this module to not load on mobile, desktop only. Usually you can do that by entering “hidden-phone” in the “Module Class Suffix” in the “Advanced” section of the module. But I cannot find it here.

    Any way to not load this module for mobile?


    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      The module does not have the option to add custom classes, however you can trick it with the following css code:

      @media (max-width:360px) { .camera_wrap {display:none!important} } – this will hide the slideshow on all devices that has smaller screens then 360 pixels.
      If you want to hide the slideshow on tables as well, you should change the size to 768px (most tablets use this resolution).

  30. Vadim Reply

    I installed your module, but i don’t know how to manage image’s sizes. I have a lot of images all with 500×600 size but it doesn’t work. Any images are resized to widht 1400 others no. Could you help me?

  31. sanuss Reply


    I installed je camera slideshow module but it is not enable in the site.


    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      After installation you have to activate and publish the module. You will also have to upload images and set up each slide.

  32. Markus Reply

    Please i installed this module but is not working is there any changes i need to make in the module configuration ?. Thanks

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      After installation you will have to configure the module:
      1. choose the module position and publish it.
      2. choose menu items where you want to enable it (if you want you can enable to show on all pages)
      3. upload and set the slider images.
      In big steps, these are the main things you have to do, the other configuration options are just for visual.
      Also note, that the module is using the latest jQuery version, that may conflict with other modules. So you will to check if jQuery is loaded only once on your website.

  33. -Tony- Reply

    Hi. JE camera slideshow works very well for me. But URL are not cached because they have one ? and slow my page. Have you an idea by chance ? (cache php/apc + mod_pagespeed). Thanks.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      I’m not exactly sure what your problem is. Just checked your page and it loads very quickly for me.

  34. -Tony- Reply

    Thanks for your reply
    Sorry, I misspoke. I mean, the slide images are the only ones that are not cached because they have a url query string. (Like this : mydomain/images/my-image-slideshow.JPG?1430239539331) So ExpiresByType image/jpg in htaccess have no effect.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Ok, now I get what the problem is.
      I was looking a bit into the code, and I found that this random number is generated by the camera javascript. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to change the /js/camera.js file at line 1106:
      imgLoaded.src = imgUrl +”?”+ new Date().getTime();
      change the above code to:
      imgLoaded.src = imgUrl;
      Tested and works so far. Let me know if it works for you as well.

      • -Tony- Reply

        That’s great! It works fine, except that it was ok only for the first image slide. So I did the same line in 1127 and it’s good for all images ;) Thank you very much and good luck.

  35. Alejadro Loisí Reply

    Hi I see the module in this template and I like astemplates. com/itempreview/319 but I see there the the class “camera_caption fadeFromRight” and when I install in my web the class is “camera_caption fadeFromBottom” where I can change that. I can´t find it. Please help. In conclusion I wont make the caption white and came from the right. like the template.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Have updated the module, and now you can choose the animation direction of the caption in the module parameters. To have the same effect like in the demo you showed me, you will have to change the css a bit, something like this will position the caption to the top right corner:

      .cameraContent {
      display: none;
      position: absolute;
      right: 0;
      top: 0;
      width: 300px;

  36. Emanuel Reply

    I installed the Extension, and I turned everything on in the module, but it just doesn’t show up on my page. What am I doing wrong?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      I see you have already figured out what the problem was…

  37. Guido Reply

    Thanks! amazing extension, Is it free for commercial use too?

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      You are not allowed to sell/resell the extension or to claim it as your own, but you are allowed to include it into a commercial project (ie. website you build for your client)

  38. sowmya Reply

    Hi ,
    how can i add this to article images?I need to add multiple images inside article with slider option.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      1. Publish the camera slider to a module position that is not included in your template, for example articleslide1 and make it visible on all pages.
      2. Add the following function anywhere in your article article: {loadposition articleslider1}
      This way you will be able to show the slider in any part of the content.

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Probably you are using an older version of the module and that is why the module stopped working for you. Please re-install and set up the module again.

  39. Cristóbal Concha Reply

    Hello, How can I increase de amount of slides? I need a lot (at least 90)

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Hi! This is only possible if you edit the mod_je_camera.php and mod_je_camera.php.xml files. You need to add more code to these files. Currently this is the only way you can add more slides to it.

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