Free jQuery Ajax Quick Contact for Joomla with Popup Function

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If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and easy to customize contact module for your joomla site, well here is my brand new module, that will suit all your needs.

Preview this module with the in-built pop-up function:
Preview Popup Contact Form

This module use jQuery and Ajax to validate the forms. To protect you from bots and spams, I have integrated a captcha, that can be deactivated, if you may not need it. You don’t have to worry about users who does not activate javascript on their browsers. They can still contact you trough the form, using the PHP validation system.

I have designed this module for easy usage and to fit any design, this is why I have added different submit button styles and custom label and input colors. Basically everything can be customized.

Future Module Development

I’m planning to add more fields in the form.

Please report any bug, and submit your feedback using the comment form. Thank you!

Module Update:

May 20, 2015: The module has been updated with a new option. Now you can choose to display the module in a pop-up form with the press of a customizable button or the regular way as well.

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thanks. worked the first time. Would be nice to have phone but I’m sure that will come with more fields. To send an attachment would be nice as well.
Thanks again,

    Howard, will consider adding this features in the next few days. Will make an announcement when changes are done.

I have installed the login module but I cant’ see a drop down effect. What shall I do that I can see this effect?

Thanks and best wishes

Franz-Josef Bleif

William Imhoff February 7, 2013 Reply

Nice Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be back.

Wojciech Stryjewski March 31, 2015 Reply

Hi. works great but i have a problem with email subject. i tried to set my own subject on backend , and even i changed default subject in xml file. still i recieve emails with “JE Quick Contact” subject.. haow can i change that?

    Have updated the module and now you can change the email subject. It was a bug in the module and have corrected it. Thanks for letting me know.

Anastasya April 8, 2015 Reply

Dear Admin!

I really like your product, and and I would like to post it on my website!
But I have a little doubt – will it work properly with Cyrillic?
I am from Russia, and this question is very important to me.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Best regards, Anastasya

    I have never tested the module with Cyrillic. Can you please try it and let me know if it works properly or not?

      Anastasya April 9, 2015 Reply

      Dear Admin!

      OK, let’s do this!
      Currently my website is in development.
      I will write you about the results as soon as I publish it online, and test out Your wonderful module, which I liked at first sight!

      Thanks for your quick reply!
      Best regards, Anastasya

Dear Admin

Can one change the email subject that it includes the url that the module is displayed on?

      Unfortunately the module does not have a pop-up function, I will consider adding it in the next version.

    The older version had a bug that was corrected a while back. In the new version you can change the email subject.

Dear Admin,
thanks for your great work and for sharing it. Could you add the option for the module to set it up in a pop-up? This is the most needful thing for me. Thanks for advance.

    Thanks for the tip, I will add an option to be able to display the contact form in a pop-up window. Check back in a few days.

    Have updated the module, and now you have the option to chose a popup function and also customized the button that will trigger the popup contact form to show. Download and reinstall the module.

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