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Compatible with: 2.5 3.0+
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If you want to quickly display your social profiles on your site, download this great module. The setup is very simple,  just enter the URL of the social profile you would like to link and the icon will appear on your homepage.

social icon parameters joomla

There are available 3 different icon styles: square, rounded and circle. Choose the icon style that fits best your joomla website design.

different social icon styles

At this point you can link to 12 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, Blogger, Reddit, Stumbleupon) and can have an rrs feed link and a contact or mailto link.

In the email filed you could add a url that links to a contact form or if you would like to have a direct email contact, you should insert the following code:

I’m planning to add new icons in the future updates, so if you have any suggestions on what social icons I should include, please leave a comment below on the page.

Social Icon Module Update:

May 15, 2015: have updated the module, and included 3 new icons: Spotify, MySpace and Flickr. Have also included the option to change module class suffix and use caching for the module if needed.

  1. Giovanni Chiozza Reply

    Dear all,

    I’ve just tried to locate the social icons on the menu position.
    With normal icon set I see on menu area the icon of Facebook twice, one close to other one .
    It seems to me very strange.

    Is there a possiblility to locate icon over/on front of the logo.png image ?

  2. Caleb Reply

    When i installed the module none of the icons have letter or symbols in them. Why?

  3. edwin Reply

    the icons are missing, I think that is caleb is have problems with also

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Took a look to your website and it looks like the social icon image was uploaded to the server, but for some reason this is not rendered and it is show as a non-found file. I have updated the module to load the image using a different path, please download and reinstall the modules. If this still not working, probably it is a server limitation you are facing; the image is a PNG file, is this disabled on your server?

      • edwin Reply

        I don’t think is a server limitation, I use Bluehost. take a look at my other website is doing the same thing not sure if they are in the same server but I use a lot of png on both websites and those should be having the same problem right? I tried changing the path my self to the default joomla image folder and uploading it there but same result.
        What I’ve notice is that if I upload a picture to that directoy and try to go straight to it is fine but if I try to go to the social.png it can’t find it.
        /modules/mod_je_social/images/powered_by.png = works
        /modules/mod_je_social/images/social.png = does not work

  4. Postit24 Reply

    Hello is compliments for the module, also add the button Flickr and MySpace.

    Thank you and have a nice day

  5. Matteo Reply

    I have an issue.
    Why the module does not appear in the mobile version?
    Thanks all

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      You have published the module on a position that is hidden on mobile view. This is restricted by your template and not by the module.
      In your template, in the theme.css file at line 7334, you can find this code:
      .uk-visible-large {
      display: none !important;
      This is what hides the module on a smaller screen resolution.

  6. Iryna Korolenko Reply

    When I hit the icon it still goes to my website, please advise if I need to use # and than URL. Thanks!

  7. Iryna Reply

    Thank you, I will try that – this is my first time to make a website on my own :)

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      With the new version now you can add custom class suffix as well.

  8. Roberto Reply

    Hi man, I reallt like your module, but it’d be perfect if you’d add the Spotify Icon.
    What do you think about?

    Best regards!

    • extension developer
      Admin Reply

      Have updated the module and now Spotify, MySpace and Flickr icons are also included.

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