7 Best Joomla Backup Extensions to Protect Your Website

We decided to gather the most useful backup extensions in one article, thus making it easier for you to determine which one is the absolute best. Every extension here is somewhat different than the other. You can find some complex and simple solutions here as well, depending on the purpose of the providers.

If you are in the online business, you clearly don’t want your site to be hacked, deleted or modified. It would be a disaster! This is why securing a backup for your websites is so important. Find out which one of these is the most suitable Joomla backup extension for your websites:

1. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is reliable, user-friendly, and the most widely used open-source backup extension for Joomla CMS. Let me explain why. First of all, it creates a site backup and you are free to restore it on any Joomla compatible server, not only for backup reasons, but for site transfers and client server deployment as well. Server timeouts can also be avoided, because Akeeba Backup works with an AJAX powered restoration process and it’s working just fine on huge websites as well. The two additional options include the only database and only file backup possibilities.

If you want a professional backup extension which keeps all of your files secure and reliable with an effective backup plan, choose Akeeba Backup and you won’t be disappointed. It has won six J.O.S.C.A.R awards already, and that is definitely something that reflects the professionalism of Akeeba Backup’s developer team. Feel free to download and find it out yourself!

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2. EJB – Easy Joomla Backup

Easy Joomla Backup got this name because it stores all your files and database dump in a simple and quite old-school manner. It stores them in a backup zip archive and from there you can completely restore your precious data to your website at any time. EJB stores your backups in a separate folder which is not easily accessible, but you can manage it by using the component.

The component also follows the main principle of EJB, so it’s intentionally kept simple to make it as straightforward to use as possible. They ensure a fast zipping process and the optimization of all settings in order to prevent timeouts on bigger sites. The features also includes the ability to exclude certain files or folders from your backup archive, and even more. EJB is totally suitable for those who want quick and simple solutions for their problems.

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3. DataSafe PRO

By generating snapshots of your complete Joomla database, DataSafe PRO allows you to reset your content to a previous version whenever you want it, in no time. Create a quick backup before you start making changes on your webside and rest assured that your data is going to be secured if something unpleasant happens. Either restore your backup via Internet connection or store it on your machine, you can do both with the DataSafe PRO interface.

You can roll back your system to an earlier point just by selecting one of the backups available and your mistakes will be immediately fixed. It will contain all your database information without any exceptions. Each of the backups is compressed with gzip, and after the optimization you will always get a copy of it via email so you can use it offline as well. DataSafe PRO can be automated to make backups from time to time, although you need to pay for an online liscence first to be able to use the feature. It’s surely a dependable tool for your database backup.

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4. XCloner

Since Joomla pretty much lacks a core backup mechanism, your website is constantly exposed to all kinds of attacks. That’s why you need a proper backup solution to make sure everything stays fine. XCloner secures your data with a professional backup strategy in case something unpleasant happens. You can fix the problems and get back to work right away while keeping all your information.

As one of Joomla’s best backup components, XCloner has many valuable features. You can schedule your backups rather than initiating them manually every time. It’s much better to just maintain your workflow while XCloner takes care of securing your files. It also stores your files off-site, not on the same server as your website. You definitely don’t want your backup files to be gone with a server crash! Your files can be sent to a different server by automatic file transfer or an email adress. It’s simple and effective.

The type of content varies among the sites, and that’s why you need more than one choice when it comes to backups. XCloner lets you choose between file backup, database backup or both so you can decide which one is the most suitable for you. You can even exclude certain files if you want. That’s surely a wide range of options with just one backup extension.

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5. Watchful.li

There are many website users and maintainers who use Joomla and constantly have to check their sites manually over and over again, while updating all of them just because the lack of security. New, Joomla users often don’t consider the most effective ways to backup and protect their sites. It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of sites or just a few of them, it can always be difficult to keep up a proper maintenance. Watchful can completely change your site management in a desirable way.

With installing Watchful, you will get to use a dashboard where you can register all of your Joomla based websites. Now comes the fun part. With Watchful, you can remotely backup your sites, which is the most important task that needs to be done as maintenance. Just a single click and the backup is finished. It has an integrated version of Akeeba backup, supporting the free and Professional version as well.

The remote Joomla upgrade is the next essential feature, which allows you to upgrade your sites from the dashboard with no login needed to each of them. Although this feature can’t be automated, you will receive an email every time a new update comes out. Watchful also comes with an intrusion detection, because you can never be certain enough of the security. It can’t fully monitor your websites in real-time though, just the most commonly targeted files. A message is sent every time some unusual modifications happen.

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6. Database Backup

This one is most likely the simplest extension in the backup category, but it’s a helpful one for sure. Often times you need to make complete backups for your site, which means saving your files on a particular server. It usually requires a few easy steps to save your files but if you have a correctly configured FTP client, you can connect and download right away. In some cases, you need to do a lot of configuring before you’re able to export your stuff.

It needs a lot of time to constantly access the database hosting sites, login to your private area and look for database managing panels. Not to mention that you need some credentials for the database access as well, and once that is done, you can export your stuff. That’s already a lot of things to do. If you have several safe profiles with complicated passwords, it can take an eternity to do those steps.

However, if you use Database Backup, you just simply have two options: to create backup files and to delete them, thus recovering some space on the server. The interface only asks for the section of the components. It’s as simple as that, and the system runs just fine on php pages.

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7. LazyDbBackup

This is a multilingual backup extension available in French, English, German and Spanish languages. You can download the software for Joomla and use it to make backups of your MySQL database and to send them to a specified email address. This extension makes it possible to save backup files in specified folders and download them by FTP. The provider is called JoomXtensions and they made LazyDbBackup available on Joomla1.5, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x as well.

LazyDbBackup is based on another extension called LazyBackup by Stefan Granholm which is not available anymore, as far as I know. The core of this extension is internationalised and modified for the numerous versions of Joomla. The feedbacks are quite positive, indicating that you can install it in about 2 minutes and that it’s intelligent, compact and simple to adjust. It’s absolutely a top notch backup tool according to the majority of users.

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Here we go! Now let me know, down in the comments, which extension you are using to backup your Joomla website? If your hosting provider offers daily or hourly backups, that is fine, you might not need to backup your Joomla website, however like the idiom says: better safe then sorry – you should consider having multiple backup plans. This way you can be 100% sure that you always have an alternative and a plan B if something goes wrong.


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