8 Best Joomla Cache Extensions for Better Website Performance & Speed

If you are a website owner, it’s important to take care of your cache from time to time. It mainly depends on your site’s options, but your data can add up rather quickly. Prevent your files from taking up huge amounts of unnecessary space and consider downloading a cache plugin that solves this problem for you. More free space means that your website will load up quicker than before.

Speed is always an important factor when it comes to the success of your website. It can greatly improve the user experience and increases your site ranking as well. Search engines definitely prefer faster websites. Take your time and read our thoughts about the best Joomla cache extensions available:

Quick Cache Cleaning

Quick Cache Cleaning is a powerful tool for performing maintenance task like cleaning expired cache and global check-ins. Just one click, and it immediately does the job from anywhere at the backend. By using the original functions of the responsive components, QCC is fast, simple and it doesn’t requre big frameworks to function correctly.

There are two different view types available. You can choose the Menu or the Dropdown list option. The Dropdown list requires you to use the position status for your module. With the Menu option, the module needs to be published on the position menu, while QCC creates a new menu entry in the meantime.

You can schedule this extension to automatically delete cache for you. The process is always executed with the respective components called event-triggers. And rest assured, because it’s completely free!

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Speed Cache

Speed Cache is invented to improve the in-built Joomla cache system in many ways. It naturally improves the compatibility and performance of the cache management system and adds some great features to the whole concept. It has an impressive static page caching capability while being fully compatible with user sessions. It has an implemented preloading cache system, full browser cache system and URL inclusion cache control as well.

All the features are easily controllable with the Speed Cache dashboard. It greatly improves the Joomla default cache system by adding a new cache layer and increasing the sending rate of static content, thus reducing database queries. This extension makes you able to store the major part of your resources in the browser cache, and you can simply clean it when you want.

The system surely works on every type of website and you can apply it to a selection of your pages on each of your sites. If you already typed in a page URL at the interface, there is a tool which will autoindex it for you immediately. Then, all you need to do is to just set the cache on it, and you’re done. All in all, Speed Cache can widely solve all of your cache problems!

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kCache Improved

Kareebu is a developer team which offers a great extension to replace Joomla’s default cache plugin. Kareebu Cache Improved can replace this plugin and help you take care of your websites on Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x versions. You can always exclude certain pages from the cache clearing routine with this extension.

Some of your web pages may have dynamic content included and you should disable caching for those by simply typing in the URL of the pages you want to exclude. You can make a whole list of these if necessary, and this excluding method also works for menu items and entire components. If any of these are embedded into your articles, kCache can solve your problems in no time.

This is a completely free and non-commercial Joomla extension and that won’t change for sure. Keeping the open source alive is one of the main purposes of the developers.

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Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaner by Regular Labs lets you clean your cache fast with one click. Just a link in your Joomla Administrator and you can clear your cache easily and effectively. While editing an article, you have to clean the cache first in order to see the changes that you’ve made on the frontend. Without an extension, it can be really time consuming to achieve the desired results.

You need to open the Joomla Cache Manager, choose all the cache types and delete them every time, by endlessly clicking and wasting your precious time. Instead, there will be a quick link placed on the top right of your Administrator status bar, and by one click, Cache Cleaner will purge all cache for you. It’s much easier that way, right? It also uses ajax to reload the pages in the background as a final touch. If you want to clean your temp (tmp) folder, no problem, Cache Cleaner can do that for you as well!

This extension received lots of positive user feedback, affirming it as an absolutely useful, top quality tool for cache management. Try it out and find out more about its useful features in the Cache Cleaner system settings.

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With JotCache, you can have more control over all of the data that’s being cached. It has many useful options that can make caching better for you. It always helps a lot if you can exclude particular files and pages and schedule caching times. There are also a range of more features that can prove that JotCache is one of the best cache extensions for Joomla.

Your website will be way more flexible than before with this extension. For example, if you have many Internet Explorer 6 visitors on your site, it may occur that caching won’t load properly. With JotCache, you can exclude these users from being cached, and the problem is solved. The same method can be used to exclude specific files, module positions and more. Some functions may interfere with each other while caching, but you can fix it once and for all.

JotCache is very user friendly, and it also gives you a peace of mind when it comes to your websites. It’s small, simple and can be easily implemented into any website.

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CacheControl is made by CROSSTEC, a developer team dedicated to fixing your webpage issues and to make caching quicker and smoother for you. The extension is absolutely easy to use and it lets you determine the web pages and components that should be excluded from caching. If you use extensions which are not functioning well with Joomla, CacheControl can definitely lend you a helping hand.

The use of this extension is fairly simple. You type in the URL for each part of your website that you want to exclude, and if they match, it will be turned off right away. If you want to have full control over the cache of your content and extensions, you won’t be disappointed in CacheControl for sure. It’s totally free and you can download it for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.

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Page Cache Extended

Improve your page loading speed with Page Cache Extended and have more control of your cached pages. It takes the rendered webpages, generates copies of them, and loads the total output on the further requests from previously produced cache files. The main idea is to load the content from static files, thus there is no need for the database queries to be processed. This considerably improves the loading speed.

PCE is derived from the core plugin called Page Cache, they just extended it with some useful features. You can specify an exclusion list for URLs and components in order to disable caching for certain web pages or functions.

You can reduce the loading speed even further by decreasing the HTML code of the cached files. A specific cache time can be set as well, and it will be totally independent of global cache time set in the Global Configuration panel. Page Cache Extended is free, but you need to subscribe if you want their support. It can greatly improve Joomla’s cache management, while saving you precious time.

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Homepage Cache

This one is like the default page caching system plugin that Joomla uses, but a more specific version. The default plugin caches all pages on your website once you enable it, which is pretty bad. It can cause annoying problems with the more dynamic types of pages. Therefore, you can usually enable page caching for a few carefully selected pages and that’s all.

The developer, Omar E Ramos took this into consideration and came up with a nice solution. He modified the System Cache Plugin and added the capability to cache certain pages out of the website. This extension makes it possible for you to add in additional relative URLs, so they could be cached on your site. With these additional options, he officially created the Homepage Cache System which is absolutely free. Although it’s not that straightforward to use it, it’s definitely worth the time to figure it out because it certainly works great!

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