7 Best Joomla Image Gallery Extensions for Managing and Displaying Photos on Your Website

In this article, we will show you 7 of the top Joomla extensions for image and photo galleries. Take your website to a next level by creating some stylish galleries with one of these solutions. Each of them can introduce you to a new way of managing galleries; you just need to choose which one works best for you. You will find many flexible, stylish and clever features as well by examining these options. Enjoy reading and choose wisely!

Phoca Gallery

phoca gallery joomla extension

Phoca Gallery is one of the best full feature galleries available for Joomla CMS. You will be able to present your images classified in categories and subcategories and to decide what picture goes to which category. You can put any image in multiple categories as well. Phoca Gallery shows the pictures by using 3 thumbnails: a small, a medium and a large type. For the categories list, they used the smallest thumbnails. When you click on the category, a range of medium thumbnails will appear and the large one pops up once you click on one of the medium thumbnails.

With this extension, you can play a slideshow in each category and take a closer look at the pictures. You can also add watermarks to all of your thumbnails, which is the main advantage of using them in larger size. Phoca Gallery allows you to define these sizes yourself. It includes many useful modules, plugins and components to work with on your Joomla website. Even YouTube videos can be displayed in numerous different styles. The overall score for this extension is a maximum of 100, with lots of positive feedbacks. Download it for free and try it yourself, satisfaction guaranteed.

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sigplus joomla image gallery plugin

Sigplus Image Gallery offers a simple way to create photo or image galleries for your Joomla article by using a simple syntax. Usually it takes minutes to set up a gallery, but you can use this extension instead and it will be done in a few seconds. A firm, effective gallery doesn’t need to be that complex. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced user or a beginner, Sigplus will be equally beneficial for you.

With Sigplus, you will get access to a bunch of impressive features. It automatically crops and centers your images which are suitable for gallery preview. Also, when you click on a preview image, it brings up a popup window overlay, showing the image in full size and it doesn’t navigate away from the current page. The gallery can show your images in a fixed or floating mode. You can even blend two images together with a transition effect. The whole appearance and behavior of the extension is highly configurable.

Although Sigplus is quite versatile, it’s totally free. The full extension can be downloaded including all features. You can also tell by looking at the scores and feedbacks on any website that Sigplus is definitely among the best gallery extensions.

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6gallery joomla component plugin

With 6gallery, you can create outstanding grid layouts, filterable video and image galleries and overlay animations as well. It’s a fairly user friendly Joomla extension that allows you to manage your images and categories in a simple, Drag and Drop interface. It’s quite simple for the beginners and also a powerful tool for professionals. The gallery design can be completely controlled with the Gallery visual editor. You can customize the design by using the admin panel and the results will immediately show up. This real-time feature doesn’t need a single line of code.

6gallery displays your Joomla galleries at the frontend of your website with a neat and flexible method. Each of the galleries can be added to the various parts of your website, like HTML Modules, Third Party Extensions and Joomla Articles. You can also improve your page load times thanks to Image compress and Lazy Load. The advantage of Lazy Load is that it won’t load the images until the visitor scrolls down to them.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have their own icons in 6gallery for social sharing purposes, so you can allow your users to share images across them. Although it’s a paid download, you will be surely satisfied with 6gallery and its many features once you download it.

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droppics joomla image gallery component plugin

JoomUnited succeeded in developing a simple, yet powerful extension for Joomla called Droppics, which is currently one of the best image and gallery managers available in the market. I said in the market because it’s not for free, but considering its high quality features, it’s no doubt that Droppics is worth the money.

There will be no need to constantly switch between the component and your article with JoomUnited, just create a gallery and then simply drag and drop the images from the article editor and you’re finished. This method can be applied to the frontend, as well as the blackend. Single pictures and galleries can be easily managed. One single click is needed to generate custom sized images and then your custom slideshow will be automatically created. Numerous effects can be applied to images and pictures according to your taste. Try out JoomUnited yourself and enjoy its benefits.

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2J Gallery

2j gallery joomla module extension

Organize your picture galleries with 2J Gallery, a great gallery extension for Joomla websites. It gives you access to all the necessary tools for gallery creation, image upload and front end interface customization. 2J Gallery has a CSS3 interface for the front end which is highly customizable. You can choose between 4 different animations, 8 pre-configured themes and 6 lightboxes during gallery creation. You can insert multiple copies of the same gallery on your web page with distinct settings. The upload amount and galleries per page are not limited at all.

The galleries can be added to your articles via plugin tags, with a direct link to the extension or as a module. The implement wizard can help you generate plugin tags by gallery instance and it will also automatically insert the tags to your article. The Administrator is able to upload sets of images with the batch upload feature, or directly from the server directory using the scan directory feature. However, if you don’t need to upload lots of images at once, they can also be uploaded one by one with the resources manager of 2J Gallery.

You will have no difficulties at all with the installation and configuration part, since it’s in Joomla native style and no special skills are needed.

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Simple Image Gallery Extended (SIGE)

sige simple image gallery joomla plugin

SIGE is a gallery content extension for Joomla with many impressive features. If you want to add images to one of your articles, it can be done quickly and effectively in numerous ways. With SIGE, it’s possible to control any parameter on syntax call. The parameters can be set on the fly, simply by clicking on the SIGE Parameters button. Since the version 1.7-2, the extension was rewritten and now it has a bunch of great innovations.

For example, the turbo mode doesn’t exist in other Joomla extensions. In Turbo, SIGE creates 2 text files from the gallery’s HTML output and successively loads them. It comes with the advantage of eliminating the slow image editing process. They actually did a test by creating a gallery which contains 50 large images and they also included all the additional features (watermarking, image resize, save thumbnails etc.). Without turbo, it took around 17 seconds to finalize it. The same gallery can be made with turbo mode in only 1 second. And that’s only one of the many improvements.

SIGE is a totally free extension, but don’t forget to subscribe if you need support. Download it now and try out all of the features yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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eXtro jQuery Gallery

extro jquery joomla image gallery

eXtro Gallery is an easy to operate, responsive gallery for your Joomla websites with a decorative frontend output. To create a fully responsive gallery, just select your images directory and the gallery module will take care of the rest by dynamically producing thumbnails. With its gallery output, an optimal gallery display is always guaranteed on every device from full HD computers to smartphones. Your template will always be responsive.

There are many user friendly settings which can make it easier for you to customize the width, height and fade effect of your gallery. This can be done in the frontend, and then it will be applied to the backend automatically. eXtro Gallery’s responsive module’s style can be changed with CSS, since the output is separated from the design. Therefore, this extension has great adjustment possibilities if you want your gallery theme to be adapted to the template.

Since its start, eXtro Gallery had many updates and new versions, all contributing to the effectiveness of the extension with an abundance of features. You can get a 1 year license for the updates, which costs 13 euros and they guarantee their professional support as well.

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So if you are looking for an image gallery for your Joomla website, here we collected various extensions that you can use. Try out each gallery to find out which is the best for your needs. Hope this collection is useful for many of you.

If you have other suggestions and recommendations of great Joomla image galleries, please don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below.


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