7 Best Joomla Security Extensions to Protect Your Website

As one of the leading Content Management Systems, Joomla is outstanding for building up all sorts of websites, be it big or small. In addition, numerous security extensions are available for averting hacker attacks which may cause your content to be stolen or simply lost and you can block unwanted web pages as well. These security extensions can keep your Joomla website undamaged and free from hackers. Repairing a website can cost a lot of money, but proper security extensions can save you that money instead. If you need a security improvement, take a look at this list of some great security solutions exclusively for Joomla powered sites:


With a Joomla website, your administrator area can be quite vulnerable. That’s why you should make it secure by downloading AdminExile, created by Michael Richey. You will get access keys, Brute Force detection and IPv4/6 with Black and White lists (CIDR and IP netmasks supported). Once you got it, AdminExile surely defends your site from all threats. With these additional layers of protection, you can rest assured that nothing can sabotage your site. This extension is also completely free, with no links and advertisements.

If someone wants to attack your site, it’s very easy for them to determine whether you’re running Joomla or not. They just need to type “administrator” after the URL and take a look at your login panel. Once that is done, they can begin the attack. Download AdminExile to put an end to these issues and gain a peace of mind.

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EasyCalcCheck Plus (ECC+)

Download ECC+ to protect your Joomla website and third party extensions as well. It effectively protects your contact and registration form by preventing spam with an arithmetic task. You can also activate a time limit and a hidden field. Only spam bots can fill that field, since they fill all existing fields, it doesn’t matter if it’s hidden or not. Regular users can’t see it, so it works as a fine filter. With the time limit, ECC+ can notice when a form has been submitted too fast. If all the values are filled within a few seconds before submitting, then it’s definitely a bot.

This extension offers other useful features, such as: protection aganist SQL injections and token based backend security. They have developed and improved it over the years, and all that experience guarantees you that there will be no spam on your Joomla site. It supports many of the popular third party extensions as well, so feel free to extend it to other extensions. ECC+ is among the best CAPTCHA components at the Joomla Extension Directory with many satisfied users and positive feedback. Download it for free and have a nice, spam-free time!

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Brute Force Stop

If you want to avert Brute Force attacks once and for all on your Joomla site, try this extension which was developed especially for this purpose. It constantly keeps an eye on the failed login attempts, and once they reach a previously specified number, the client’s IP address will be blocked. You can also keep track on the failed logins and the IP addresses which were blocked. The delay for each failed login attempt can be easily configured.

The component will allow you to see and manage the list of blocked IP addresses and to test out the notification as well. You can even create whitelists for certain IP addresses you want to keep unblocked. Just a few clicks and all Brute Force attack will be a thing of the past. Try it out yourself!

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Email Protector

By cloaking your Joomla website’s email addresses, Email Protector makes them totally unreadable for spambots. It’s a proper replacement for Joomla’s built-in cloaking plugin. This core plugin has a few shortcomings and issues, so that’s why you need something better. Email Protector can solve these problems for you once and for all.

The core plugin uses an outdated document.write javascript method, so it can cause problems with other scripts. Furthermore, it uses javascript as a solution for email address cloaking, therefore if the script suddenly fails, the email address cannot be seen at all. Email Protector works with a different method, using CSS and javascript as well for cloaking. Every time the javascript fails to load, it will show the address to the user, but this time it will be cloaked.

Since the core plugin we mentioned only works in articles and specific content, the email addresses in third party components and modules can’t be cloaked. With Email Protector, the cloaking process will be available for your whole website. Also, when you type an email address into your content, it lets you decide whether it’s a simple text or a mailto link. The basic plugin always converts it into a mailto link, which is not really flexible. Try out these features yourself and you will see how big is the difference.

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Incapsula is a Joomla Security and Performance extension with great website security, content delivery and performance management possibilities. It has an effective bot detection technology which helps you to get rid of site scrapers, spammers, fake registrators and other threats. Incapsula uses a crowd-sourcing security model and a large-scale knowledge of website treats, so every new vulnerablity is easily detected and they are constantly mitigating the treats.

Incapsula has a global CDN which can improve the performance of your website by optimizing and caching content and loading it directly from the backbone. If you choose this extension, your website will load 40% faster while using only 50% of the previous bandwidth. You can keep track of the live stats for each of your website’s traffic. It displays human users and bots as well, including the performance statistics and threat reports in great detail. With these features, it’s no wonder that Incapsula has a 100 out of 100 score on the Joomla Extensions Directory.

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Of course it’s called Eyesite, because it always keeps a watchful eye on your website. If any files were deleted, added or changed on your site, Eyesite immediately alerts you by email. It scans every directory structure you have and then gathers and stores the details for later. Details like size, md5 checksum and date/time will all be saved, and on every re-scan, the md5 checksum of the files will be re-calculated and compared to the one previously stored in the database. Therefore, it can keep track of deleted, new or changed files in every directory.

Eyesite allows you to scan your website manually as well, you just need to use the admin interface or schedule the automatic scan for specified intervals. With Eyesite, you can sleep better at night because you can always keep track of what’s happening on your website. Even if some of your files were modified, you will find and fix them in a few minutes. A History is also available showing all scans and modifications from earlier. Turn Auto-Accept mode on, and Eyesite will maintain a detailed history about the files that changed without manual intervention. It works well on HTTP sites.

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As one of the most advanced security extensions, RSFirewall ensures a top notch protection for your Joomla site. You can forget about intrusions and hacker attacks. With RSFirewall, you will get a nice control panel, where you can take a look at an overview of your system at any time that shows the overall security status of your site. If you want a thorough system check to be made, just a click on the system check button and a complete scan of your Joomla will be started. When you get to the results, RSFirewall will offer to fix some of the issues which were found.

The security level of your website is always determined by the component’s computed security grade, so you can always keep track of the security of your site and make measures according to the score. In the System Logs tab, all of the access attempts can be reviewed. Any suspicious IP can be blocked if you realize that it had many failed login attempts. By clicking on a single IP address, it will provide more information for you to be clear about the safety of each IP. Then, you can go to the Blacklist/Whitelist tab and mark them accordingly.

Of course, these were just a few features we wanted to mention. Find out more on their website if you’re interested or try it out yourself, it’s definitely a must-have component!

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As you can already tell, there are many ways and several extensions that will help you secure and protect your website. If your website is important to you and for your business, you should definitely consider one of the above mentioned Joomla security extensions.

Also if you have any other suggestions or recommendations on how to increase the level of protection, please share you thoughts in the comments.

aliexpres August 4, 2017 Reply

Great tip which I’ve chcek on my site is to add site to some cnd server like cloudflare I was in shock when i’ve sown how many attacks cnd has stopped, all the best

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