6 Best Joomla SEO Extensions for Perfect Website Optimization & Better Rankings

If you’re planning to create your own website, it’s essential to spend some time and search for an appropriate SEO extension. Your website should be optimized for search engines as much as possible to achieve higher rankings. Hundreds of new sites are created day by day, and if your site won’t show up in search engines, it can easily lead to a failure. You can’t get enough visitors if no one knows about it. This is also true for Joomla sites, and that’s why we made a list of the best Joomla SEO Extensions available on the web.

1. EFSEO – Easy Frontend SEO

Control your metadata effectively in the frontend and backend in the same time with EFSEO, one of the best SEO extensions for Joomla. With this extension the meta information can be easily added or changed at the front end with every component. It won’t change or delete the given Joomla data. The original data will be in use until the plugin intervenes, and after you update the data using EFSEO, the plugin database will contain the new records. If you delete them, the original Joomla data will be restored and used right away.

You can use the core tables to directly store the entered data in them, while the tables for the menu entries and the articles are all supported. The data is always independent of the plugin itself and the URL structures. The metadata stays the same, even if you uninstall the plugin or just change the URL structure. There is a jQuery mode implemented in the extension, which makes you able to load jQuery without bumping into JavaScript conflicts. This option completely solves the conflict between Joomla’s Motools framework and jQuery.

The best feature of EFSEO is definitely the Automatic Mode. This mode enables the specified extensions or metadata to be generated automatically from the data contained by the loaded page, or directly from the extension settings. You can directly store and manipulate the generated metadata in the front end. EFSEO also assures quicker loading process, because there is no need to recalculate the data on each page load.

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2. SEO–Generator

SEO-Generator is one of the most effective SEO extensions for Joomla. It gives you the benefit of automatically generating keywords and description as well for each of your articles. It does so by pulling the text from the content and/or the title of the article, thus helping to improve your SEO. You can also set Robots meta tags, some different title configurations, and webmaster verification keys for Google at ease with SEO-Generator.

When it comes to including description and metadata keywords in articles, the inherent system of Joomla perfectly does the job. While editing your article, you can use SEO-Generator to edit the description and keywords by just clicking the spot on the right hand side of the page. With this information the tags for your page will be provided, and you can also use them to connect pages by the Related Articles module.

Do you want to think up your keywords and type them in every time? On the other hand, do you want the related articles plugin to work on the complete texts of your articles? SEO-Generator is here to solve these questions for you in no time. It’s available in all languages. You should definitely try it!

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3. SEOSimple

SEOSimple is another great Joomla extension which has the base mechanism of taking your page’s content, and applying the starting chunk of text as a value to the page’s head, right in the meta description tag. It’s quite nice because a Web page’s meta description is often used by the search engines in the SERPS, thus it’s important to have a relevant text in these meta descriptions that’s related to the page’s content.

However, it’s worth to note that the meta data is only being generated “on the fly”, right when the page is loaded. This means that the meta data is not saved in Joomla editor to the content’s meta data fields. These fields are useful though for overriding auto-generated meta descriptions generated by the extension. You can take a look at SEOSimple at work by viewing the page source in your browser.

SEOSimple gives you the ability to customize the handling of the front page meta description. It can be auto generated using your front page’s content or by the site-wide meta description which is a default in Joomla. You can also configure HTML page titles in three different ways. Numerous ways are available for customizing your website front page’s title tag as well. SEOSimple is getting better and better as the time goes by, and even now it’s easily among the best SEO extensions.

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4. JoomSEF

JoomSEF is a SEO extension which will rewrite all of your Joomla URLs to be SEF (Search Engine Friendly) and not only that, but to be also easily understandable for everyone. It uses JoomFISH to provide support for multilingual sites. You will be also able to fully customize a wide range of meta tags for all URLs available on your site.

There are multiple reasons why SEO is so useful, so it’s no wonder that everyone wants to use this magic formula. It’s always an advantage to have a clean URL, which is understandable and readable by everyone, thus inevitably attracting more users to your website. Optimize your URL, and it will be surely better evaluated by every search engine. It comes with the benefit of securing a high position to your website.

Joomla is undoubtedly an advanced Content Management Solution because of its expandibility and opennes, but its core SEO capabilities are definitely limited. With JoomSEF, you will be able to smoothly overcome Joomla’s shortcomings. The SEO rating of your Joomla website will be significantly improved, making it completely search engine friendly on the web. JoomSEF is recommended for everyone who wants to properly handle his SEO.

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5. sh404SEF

Sh404SEF is probably the most popular extension available for Joomla SEO purposes. This is a commercial extension, although a Lite version can be downloaded by Siteground users for free. Since sh404SEF has been around for quite a long time, they’ve made it available for all Joomla versions. It was also an Editor’s choice on JED, which proves its quality among SEO extensions. It can be overwhelming for the back-end and less experienced administrators, but besides that, it has lots of potential for site optimization.

You need to use the parameters and settings properly because if you mess them up, your SEO might have opposite effects despite all the efforts. Make sure that you know what you’re doing and you can do miracles with sh404SEF. Some additional features are available as well, such as a dashboard for Google Analytics, options for social sharing and security features to avoid hackers and spammers. Of course, these are not a must, so you can also switch off each of them.

The developers are full-time Joomla experts who are always striving to bring some new extensions to the table with 20 years of Joomla experience. Sh404SEF is one of their longest developed extensions and it’s surely worth the price.

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6. SEO Boss

Looking for a Joomla extension which professionally manages the metadata on your websites? SEO Boss is primarily dedicated for that purpose. This extension can be downloaded for free, while the PRO version has some additional features and it costs $24.95 and up. However, we are only going to talk about the free version of SEO Boss on this list.

The heart of this extension is the meta tags manager, which is basically a dashboard that shows you the current metadata assigned to your website’s content. It lets you to easily copy keywords, descriptions and tags from one place to another. It can also use your article texts to auto-generate meta descriptions. This is fixed to 255 characters in the free versions, but that is already too long.

There is also a keywords pad to show an overview of the configured keywords of your site. It also shows the Google ranking for each keyword and the ranking change since you last checked. This is a pretty useful and unique feature of SEO Boss. The pages manager can show you if there is any keyword stuffing on your web pages. It’s an overview based on the configured keywords simply showing the keyword density. All in all, it’s a smart and user friendly Joomla extension which leads to significant website improvements.

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Obviously there are many great Joomla SEO extensions out there that I didn’t include in this list. Maybe I will create another collection soon, but until then please let me know if you have any favorite and what your experience is. Also please recommend other extensions that you are using.


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