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As I promised, we have developed this amazing fullscreen image gallery. This module is great for photographers, designers, artists, for everyone who want to display high resolution images in full screen view on their Joomla website. The gallery is easy to use, just install the module, upload and insert photos and add captions. Thumbnails are generated automatically, so you don’t have to create them. Your images will fit the screen, do not worry about the size. Sure, it is better to have high resolution images if you really want to go for quality. The module has several parameters, where you can adjust thumbnail size, Easing scrolling effect and much more.

If you have found a bug, or incompatibility issue with other extensions, please leave a message below.

Module Update

March 2, 2015 – fixed image path on sub-pages, please download the new version.


hi again,
almost perfect solution you got now, if you add an autoplay function and the possibility to just add one folder for all pics (now its limited to 20 you have to include manually) it will be really great – kepp up your great work

    Hey, download the new version of the module. Now it has the new features you suggested.

i’ll, though one little issue – i had to modify #bg-malihu in style.css to z-index:-1; to get content visible

    The content is not visible on those pages where this module is active. This is how it works. Sure you can play around with it and modify for your needs. Depends on how you would like to use. Changing the z-index is a good idea.

oh and almost forgott a pause and play buttom option is one last thing that came in my mind now to make it perfect 😉

mhhh guess i was too enthusiastic as i tried with only with opera and firefox but it doesnt seem to work with ie… mhhh about content not beeing visible thats the main idea for me about this modul – like i did on this site with supersized – i personly just find the sollution with popup content like on vivid photo site more stylish – but seems like a more difficult way to go than i thought first, at least for a not coding guy like me 🙁 anyway thanks for you help

    Hi, sorry to hear that you did not managed to get it working. I tested on IE9 and older version as well, and works fine for me. On older version there are some styling issues, because it does not support CSS3, but I think most of users have already upgraded their IE.

    I suggest to try out the content area with a higher z-index, and see what happens… Let me know if you got any results with that.

    Add the following code to the template css file:

    .item-page { position:relative; z-index:30; color:#fff}

    This will put the content above the slider layer. Let me know if this works or not.

    I don’t see the css style in your code…Anyway, this is not anymore part of the module support and does not have anything to do with the module. Sorry to hear you did not managed to get it working.

i’ll continue trying if i have more time and thanks again for your great support

i used this gallery on my website but i can’t see the thumbnails.
someone can help me please??

    Make sure that the following folder is writable on your server: yourjoomlainstallation/modules/mod_je_fullscreengallery/cache
    This could be the problem. If not, tell me your website URL and I will check.

thank you foe the quick answer.
i’m a little bit new to all of this. how can i check if the folder is writable?

    Change the folder permission to 777 (this will be a writable folder).
    You can change the file permission via FTP:
    1. Login to your FTP account (use FileZilla client)
    2. Locate the file/folder and with the right click change the File Permission…
    3. Set the file/folder permission to 777
    NOTE: some hosting providers will not allow you to change the file/folder permission. In this case you will have to contact them and ask to change it for you.

Hi admin, when I use this module in localhost, everything works well, but when I use it in my hosting (online), it appears there is a problem. the small images (the images in the bottom) do not appears. look at my web How to fix this?

    Probably the cache folder, where the modules save the cache of thumbnail images, is not writable or the permission does not allow to create the cache file. I see you are using a free hosting provider. You should ask them to change the folder permissions for you.


site is in test phase….

Cant get thumbs to display… there is no cache folder

also…. is it possible to use module multiple times for diffrent menu items and site sections?

Thanx for this nice module!

    If the mod_je_camera folder is writable, the cache folder will be created automatically, other way it will not create the folder and the thumbnails.
    Set the permission to 777 for mod_je_camera/cache/ and let me know if you still have this issue.

    Sorry, my bad. The system is the same with the Full Screen Gallery, but the folder is this:

    Change the above folder’s permission to 777.


I assure you there is no cache folder.
I even went as far as creating a cache folder with permission 777, but still nothing

Hope you can help me. This is on Joomla 3


Hi there….

Is there a known issue with displaying on internet explorer?

Does not display fullscreen….. i have internet explorer 9 and yet it gives internet explorer 7 error page

Also still cant get thumbnails to display

can you please assist?

website build on rockettheme gantry template joomla 3



    What type of host are you using? It is free hosting?
    The gallery works on IE9 well for me, on older version (IE6) may have visualization problems, unfortunately we do not support older IE versions.
    By the way, your test site loads very slowly or not at all for me. Maybe all this problem comes from your hosting provider.

    The cache folder and files are not included in the module, these are created when you first load the module (sure if the permission allows to create these files).

    This module was tested on Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 and works fine. I can’t guarantee that will work with gantry or other framework, or on any type of host.

Hi, admin, please help me, I’ve installed this module, but when I try to edit it in the backend, it gives me this error: PHP Warning: is_dir() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/images) is not within the allowed path(s): (E:\Domains\ in E:\Domains\\wwwroot\libraries\joomla\form\fields\folderlist.php on line 53

    Hey Mariana. I think this error comes from the PHP base dir settings. Not exactly sure about this, but maybe you should ask you host to investigate and eventually change the configuration.

JP Van den Tillaard September 18, 2016 Reply

Hi I just downloaded the module but it does not work! What is going wrong?

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