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This is a very simple image caption module for Joomla 2.5, and I considered sharing it, because it may useful for someone. The module is fully customizable: custom image size, custom caption title and description, custom colors for caption, etc. The module use jQuery, but it can be disabled anytime. I developed this module to display multiple images with captions on the same page. To avoid javascript conflict, please load the jQuery library only on one module, and disable on the rest.

Feel free to submit your feedback on this module, or tell me if there is any bug in it, so I correct it.


Hi thanks for such useful module
Could you tell me how to add any link to this caption module (pictures) to go for example to aspecific addresse

greetings and thanks in advance

    The module now has been updated and you can add a read more link to it. Hope this helps.

Jim Barnes March 24, 2015 Reply


I have been looking for a module that will display a random image in a category of articles.

I am aware that Joomla has random image module but that cannot be set to display on a “category” of articles. It has to modified each time a new article is added, since I do want it to display on certain pages and not on others.

There are plenty of slideshow modules with lightboxes and what not, none of these are suited to my purpose.

Searching for “display random image in article category” just gets me links to random article display modules.

So far as I am concerned the random image module in Joomla would be great if it also had the ability to select a category of article is which to display it.

If you dont have anything like this, and since I can’t find it anywhere! Could you please let me know when you modify this module of yours to do that task.

Thank You

    Hello Jim, this module is not created to display an image from an article, instead it displays an image selected by the user and text added into the module. It does not show any text from any article, the read more button however can be linked to an article.
    The modification of this module would be a bit complicated to explain it here, however you gave me a good suggestion to create a module that will do what you want. When will have some free time, will code it.

Dimitrios April 26, 2015 Reply

Hi, I am working on a website in joomla 3.2 and I would like to know how to add a “read more” link to this module, like in demo. I can’t find this option. This is a simple and very usefull module. Thanks in adnance.

    The Caption Link URL and Caption Link Text are the parameters for the “read more” button. Probably I will change the name of the parameters because it can be confusing.

Hi there! Such nice module but for me I get this message “Please check the module settings and make sure you have entered a valid image folder path!”. the image folder is there with many photos but it gives me this message, what I can do?

Hallo, wie bekomme ich es hin, dass mehrere Bilder in einer Reihe – nebeneinander – erscheinen?
Danke für die Info!

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