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I’m sure you will love this login module. I have decided to create a nice looking login module for joomla 2.5, because I needed for some project. I thought it wont hurt to share it with others. Please download and use it for free on your joomla projects.

Few things you should know about JE Login:

This module was built with Bootstrap, that is a CSS3 and HTML5 front-end framework, which allowed me to create some special effects. JE Login use jQuery javascript library for drop-down effect, which can be disabled if you don’t need it or to avoid any javascript conflict.

JE Login has lots of parameters, that allows you to customize as you need it. You can choose from horizontal and vertical login layout; it is possible to display only a login button, which will slide in the login box, when a user clicks it, and much more.

Future development:

I’m planing to add some color scheme styles to the module, to blend into any template perfectly.

If you have any other suggestions for future development, or you have found a bug in this module, please submit your comment here!

If you would like to translate the module, feel free to contact me using the form below.

Leonardo Ibarra R September 28, 2012 Reply


First to thank your excellent login module horizontal, their look is beautiful.

Second to offer such module translate into Spanish.

Third you need to either module width of 480 pixels for the current measure is excessive for the vast majority of templates.

Congratulations on with your project

    Thanks for your comment. If you would like to contribute to this project, by translating the module, just let me know. I will send you the language files.

    Hey Steve, it would be great if you could translate the module to french. May I send you the text via email to the email address you used in the comment?
    There is no other option to change the text, only if I include a new language file… so it would be great if you could translate it.

Hi! Excellent module, thanks so much for taking the time to make it and for making it free!

Just one tiny problem, having set the simple greeting to yes, it is not showing. I am only seeing the login and logout buttons. The drop down works brilliantly.

Are there any other adjustments or parameter checks I can make to ensure the “Hello, [username]” is showing. Many thanks

    @ Harriett
    This feature is not available yet, but will consider adding this feature on the next update.

        Will send you and email with the text that is required for translation. Thanks in advance!

Hi I have installed JE Login to my site (joomla 3.4) it works fine in normal but I cannot get it to work in dropdown any suggestions or settings I could try?

    Other users are often facing the same problem. In most of the cases there is a javascript conflict on the page, this is the reason why the drop-down is not working. The javascript conflict most likely is caused by multiple load of the jQuery library. You should load the jQuery library only once on your site to fix this problem.

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