Simple Joomla jQuery Slideshow with Thumbs

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This slideshow is for those who want to display an image gallery simple and fast. The module allows you to choose an image folder, and add custom size to slides and thumbnail images. You don’t need to create the thumbs separately, because the system will do that, and will cache them. The module will crop thumbnail images if the size ratio of thumbnails and slider image is different.

As the tile says, this slideshow use jQuery; This that can be loaded from google, from your server or it can be disabled (from the module parameters). Loading the jQuery library multiple times, it may cause javascript conflict. To avoid this, please check if jQuery was loaded before using other module or template.

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POIROT Fabien March 21, 2015 Reply

i tried to install Simple Joomla jQuery Slideshow with Thumbs on my Joomla 3 website, but i got this issue at the end of install by the admin HMI (extension management):
JInstaller: :Install: file does not exists joomla\tmp\install_550dec4075f65\mod_je_thumbslideshow\cache\

Any help ?

    The “cache” folder was missing from the module, so I have updated it and create this folder. Please download the module and try the installation again. Thanks for letting me know about the bug.

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