Joomla Body Mass Index Calculator Module (BMI)

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If you are running health or weight loss related website based on Joomla and would like to have a body mass index calculator on your site, here is a free module that will do the job for you. The module will display the BMI based on the height and weight of the person, no age is required for this module. It works for woman and men, and also for children.

Unfortunately the current version support only metric units (kilograms and centimeters), but I’m planning to add the possibility to switch to US units (feet, inches and pounds) as well.

The module will automatically calculate the body mass index with the power of jQuery and will display it without the need to hit any submit button, so your page will not reload when user use the module.

The body mass index calculator module does not has an included language file, however I designed it so user can change the name of the labels in the module parameters:

body mass index calculator language joomla

If you have any ideas on what other features should be included in future updates, please leave a comment.

Mutugi Martin March 26, 2015 Reply

Hi Guys,

first let me congratulate you on a wonderful module. The BMI calculator. I really like it as it is elegant and excellent in function. My issue is that there seems to be a conflict if I activate load jquery in my site. Other modules stop working when jquery is enabled. But as you can see now when disabled, it stops working. Please help as I want to keep it. My joomla! is of V2.5.11


    Using different jQuery versions on your site may cause conflicts. You have an online demo where you have the module activated? Unfortunately can’t access your website.

      Hello Admin, i have seen you replied back but i don’t see where you suggest good way of solving such problem. May u please guide us with solution?

        The problem with modules using jQuery library is that if you load different jQuery versions or load the library multiple times in multiple areas of the code, can cause conflicts. All my modules use latest jQuery version and it is placed in the header of the website.
        Now if you are using other modules with jQuery, deactivate the library on all of your modules and activate only on the BMI calculator module. Please note that some modules may not have the option to disable the jQuery, also please note that the template can also has a jQuery library included.

      Mutugi Martin August 7, 2015 Reply

      Hi admin,

      Thanks for your reply, My site still not functional


        Your site does not work at all for me, so can’t check out what the problem is…

The Calculator does not work! Currently testing it on localhost (WAMP) with php 5.3.13 and Joomla 3.4.1. Input weight and height and nothing happens, not even a submit button either 🙁 Do you really think this module would be accepted on JED site?

    The module use jQuery and if the library is loaded multiple time or other modules loads other jQuery versions, it can cause javascript conflicts and can break the module. As you can see, it works perfectly in the online demo. Have never tried to submit my modules to JED, but don’t see why they should not accept it.

Thank you very much for your work to do and offer it to us,
It’s great.

Christof July 9, 2015 Reply

The Calculator does not work on my website too. I can adjust “Height” and “Weight” but the BMI indications never changes. It always shows 22.0.

    Probably the module is conflicting with an older jQuery version or you don’t have jQuery enabled at all on your page. You can enable jQuery from the module parameters. Also make sure that you load jQuery library only once on your page.

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