Joomla Content Accordion Module

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Simple to use accordion module for Joomla that allows you to display your website content in a very fancy way. The module can fit any website, because it is fully customizable: you can change the colors of the accordion to fit the color scheme of your joomla template.

content accordion custom colors

The module allows you to add up to 20 accordion tabs, the setup is very simple: add the accordion title, copy and paste the content, and if you would like to have link as well at the end of the content, you can add a url. The accordion text file support HTML so you can add images as well.

accordion setup images and links


I have set up the Joomla content accordion module and the drop down does not drop down. What step did I miss? I enabled the query button, published, enabled and put in content. The module does show up, which is cool, but that doesn’t serve the purpose I intended. Help?


    The jQuery library is disabled by default on all of my modules, because most of Joomla templates and Joomla 3.x already loads this plugin. If your website does not load the jQuery library, please enable it in the module parameters. Does this fix the problem?

mondomo59 March 31, 2015 Reply

Hello. I would use Jeaccordion but I need to increase the tabs that are up to 20 and bring them to 40. And ‘possible to do this? Could you tell me how? It ‘important to me to use jeaccordion because I really like all of it and I’ve already used jeaccordion menu which is fantastic. Thanks for your attention.

    Want to increase the font size of the accordion title? Please be more specific.

Hello, I’am trying to embed an iframe (with a google calendar code) inside the accordion. It is posible? Can anyone help me?
Many thanks.

    Unfortunately the module does not support iframes only text and safe html.

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