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If you want to make your website’s content more compact I would recommend using this content tabs module for this purpose. The setup of this module is very simple. Install the module as you would install any other module, go to the module manager and configure it.

The module allows you to choose from 3 different tab animations: normal, fade and slide. It also allows to choose the font family of the tab titles and customize the colors, so you can easily integrate this module in any template and color scheme.

tabs module color settings

The module support up to 20 tabs, which can be enabled by just adding text to the tab title and content fields:

add tabs to joomla module

This module does not support to display articles, just pure HTML content that you have to add manually. I’m planning to create a new module that will allow users to choose a certain category or an article and display it in tabbed content, but for now this is what the module offers.

How to insert tabs in to an article?

If you want to add the module in a joomla article, you should publish it to a module position, that does not exists in your template. (You don’t want to display the module on existing module positions, this is why you create a new one). Publish the module on all pages.

je tabs custom module position

Now go to and edit the article into which you want to add the tabs module and insert the following code anywhere in the content:

{loadposition mycustomposition}

load joomla tabs in article content

Save the article and you are ready! By default the plugin that enables you the loadposition feature in Joomla is active, however if the function does not work, you may want to check out the plugin manager and activate the Content – Load Module plugin.

content load module plugin joomla

Please leave a comment below if you found a bug or have any questions about this module, or if you have any ideas on how can I improve this extension in the future.


Hello, and thank you very much for jQuery Tabs Module.
I have a question.
If i have 10 lines text in the first tab, how can i see only the 1st one and not and the ten lines together. I mean to see the 10 lines only when to open the 1st tab.
Thank you very much

    Hi Nick. The first tab will always be active, so you can’t hide the text of the first tab, it will be always displayed. The tab text allows you to add HTML so you may want to add a read more link manually that will redirect the user to a page, where they can see the whole text. Not exactly sure if this answer is what you are looking for.

      Thank You very much for your answer.
      Yes , that’s the answer.
      I’ll do it.

Jean-Pierre March 31, 2015 Reply

Dear Admin,
I am using Joola 3.4. and after installing JE Tabs, I can’t configure it, no tab shows but the title of the module JE Tabs.
Is it because it is comptabile with Joomla 3.0 but not with 3.4?
Thank you for your answer.

    The module works with Joomla 3.4 as well, probably there is a javascript conflict that is messing up the rendering of the tabs. If you can show me an online demo, maybe I could figure out what is the problem.

Antoine May 2, 2015 Reply

Hi. First thank you for JE Tabs.
Second, sorry for my English.
And third, can i put a picture in every tab? or a link to other page?

Thank for your answer.

    Hey Antonie! Glad you found the module useful. You can put pictures and links as well in the different tabs, you will need to do this in html format.

How I put this extensions (tabs) on my content, as a type of my item the menu?

Think you so much.

    Ana, the whole process of creating and inserting this module into the content is explained above in the article. Use the {loadposition} function, just in the above tutorial.

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