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While my other login module does not have this feature, I decided to create a new login module with the popup function. Installation and setup of this popup login module is simple and easy. It works with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 versions.

The module is not fancy, but it is doing exactly what it have to: press the login button and the login form will pop up in the center of the window marking the background black with 60% opacity.

Please note, that if you are already loading the jQuery library within the template or other modules, the jQuery function should be disabled on the login module; otherwise the popup may not work due to javascript conflict.

If you have any question, I’m here to help!


Awesome extension! Works very well. I admit there is one draw back to using this extension which is that it adds about .3 seconds to the loading time. I used a speed tester over and over which when it was disabled the site would load in about .54 seconds. With it on it would load in .82 seconds. If there was a way to make it faster that would be great. The extension called “Hot Login” for some reason doesn’t effect the speed much.

    The module loads jQuery library from Google’s server, probably, this is why it may increase the loading time, but the difference is not significant. Usually modules that use jQuery, needs more time and resource to load. You can cache your site, maybe this will speed it up a little bit.

Wow, I tried the cache feature which helped quite a bit with speed! The caption says for “progressive caching” that it’s not recommended on big sites. I admit that I plan on having a big site which I wonder if perhaps there is a way to only cache modules and such so that it does not become a big deal on the server load. Would conservative caching be the way to go?

    Have updated the module (XML file was updated), adding the Advance Settings tab, where you can set the caching time of the module. If you set the site caching time to 0, and set higher caching time for the module, it may speed up your website. Check out if this works for you, and submit your feedback.
    Hope this small change will help you out.

Another issue I discovered is that the module conflicts with javascripts. For example I had a ajax search though AceSearch that now does not work when the module is enabled. Acesearch is the only extension that I’ve seen a conflict with so far. Not a big deal for my logged in users, but for the guests this becomes an issue. Not sure if it helps but here is my site that uses both the search and the JE Popup Box module:

    I checked your site, but I can’t tell why the ajax search is in conflict with our module. Probably the mootools library is in conflict with the jQuery library…

Tested out the new version with cache the way you said which helped a little. Sometimes it helps by .2 seconds and others by .1 seconds which in my opinion is a good improvement. Thanks for doing that. A while back I changed to Mijo Search which is a branch off of AceSearch.

thanks for this great extension ! Can you tell me if it’s easily possible to change the caption text to provide french text ?
If yes, how do I do it ?
Thanks & regards,

Franz-Josef November 18, 2012 Reply


a few days ago I have written to you about Free Joomla Popup Login Module für joomla 3.0 . I was so happy having found such a nica and great login module. Now I have installed your CAMERA slideshow, which is base on jquery as well as your login module. I have done that what you declare regarding the installation of the login module. I disabled jquery in the login module. But the result was, that the popup effect doesn’t work. I was so disappointed. Is it possible that I have done a mistake? What shall I do that the popup window works again. Perhaps, is this a problem of the browser alignment? Or what else? Could you help me?
Thanks in anticipation.
I hope for a good solution.
Best wishes Franz-Josef

    Hello Josef.
    If other extension (or the template) does not load the jQuery library, then the pop up login or camera slideshow should load it. Activate the jQuery library on the module, that is placed at the top in the source code.

Hello and thanks for a really eye-catching free module. I like it a lot, but I’d like it even more if I could edit the visible look of the “login” button. I’d like to add “login/register” to the button. Is this do-able and if so how do I do it myself. Again thanks for this module as it was just what I wanted for this project. It’s unobtrusive, fits perfectly and has the sleek lightbox pop-up.

P.S. In the pop up login window… the following typo exists: “Create And Account…” Should it not be “Create an account….etc” instead?

    Hello Candice, thank you for your feedback. I will edit the module and will correct this typo.
    Will also add the feature so you can edit the button from the backend (module parameters). Will let you know when the module is updated.

Thank you for this extension. It’s really good. Just a question: how can I change the language of the pop up login module? As I’m trying to build a joomla multilanguage site, I’d like to have it shown in several languages…

Merci beaucoup!

    Wil, at the moment only English language file is included into the module. If you would be interested in translating it to French I will send you the text that have to be translated and will included that into the module for you.

Peaceandlove June 10, 2015 Reply

I want to change the registeration page link from


So any body click “create an account” will be move that that.

How that possible

    If you activate the SEF urls in Joomla, by default there will be a url for registration, lost password, login pages.
    If you want to change the url of these pages, you will have to create a menu item, and define the alias you want. Fro instance, you add a “Join” menu to your main menu, and in the alias of this menu will be “join” as well. This way you have created a permanent link for the registration page, and you can link to this from your content as well with a signup button for example.

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