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Fancy, 3d animated image slider built with jQuery.

The configuration of the module is not complicated at all. After installing the module you just have to upload the images you want to use (you can directly upload images from the module parameters) and add the caption to images if you want in the >Manage Slides< tab.

Don’t forget to choose the menus (pages) where you want to publish the slideshow; I often see that users are complaining that the module is not showing up, and in most of the cases they forget to choose the setting for the module to be shown on all pages.

From changing the colors of the caption background to choosing the image rotation settings, everything can be customized in the slideshow module settings.

3d image slider joomla settings

Like always, if you need help or found a bug, please leave a comment below on the page.


    I see that on your sub-pages the module is active and works. You want to have it activated on your homepage? You will have to assign the module to the homepage as well…

I see it now it works on my sub pages.
How can ik activate it to my homepage?
I have selected in the menuselection all pages.

    I see it is a javascript conflict on the homepage of your website, that is why the slideshow is not appearing. I have updated the module, please download the new version and reinstall it to your website. You don’t have to uninstall the old version, because the module will update itself by installing the new version.
    Let me know if this fixes the conflict.

    Then probably there is some other conflict with other modules. After closer investigation I realize that on your website the jQuery library is loaded many times:
    First, the 1.6.4 version is loaded by the template, the cookie module loads the 1.7.2 version, virtuemart and the ads management component loads the 1.8.0/1 version, and the slideshow module loads the latest jQuery library 1.11.1
    Only one version of jQuery plugin should be loaded on a page, to avoid conflicts.
    You could use the jQuery.noConflict(); function, however don’t know if that will fix anything, because a part of the javascript is loaded in the head part of the template the other in the body, so it is very hard to determine where to insert this function.
    The solution would be to test each module and find which jQuery version will work with all of them and disable all other versions.

Hi thans for the golden tip. It was the cookie control module.
I have temporarily disable this module.

I have one question. Can ik resize the pics the are soo big.

    Probably you will have to resize the images with a photo editing tool and upload them again, because the module does not has this option.

    Maybe in the next update will try to integrate this feature as well.

    By changing the size of the image, the size of the slideshow will also change.

POIROT Fabien March 21, 2015 Reply

Working so good 😉
May be an option to set the images folder will be appreciate for this extension too ! and not only need to declare each image on the >Manage slides< tab.

    Will consider adding this feature, however the caption of the images will be neglected in that case.

    Maybe the images are too big in file size, and the slideshow does not render them until it is fully loaded.

    In the module parameters the “Interval” value is set to 3000 by default, this is equal to 3 second; this means that one slideshow will stay for 3 seconds until will change to the next. If you want to display a slide for 10 seconds, you will have to set this value to 10000. The “Speed” value represents the animation time between two slides.

hye admin. i’m really like your slideshow module. but, i’m having problem where it doesn’t work at my screen site.. only show “Slideshow CK” words at the screen.

    “Slideshow CK” module was not developed by me. I think that a jQuery conflict is what is causing this problem to you. I would recommend disabling the jQuery libraries on all modules and activate it only on the 3D slideshow module.

Mariusz May 7, 2015 Reply

I don’t have a shadow under the slicebox. Why? Help

    In the slideshow parameters you have an option “Shadow”, set it to be enabled and this will show you the shadow just like in my demo.

      mariusz May 8, 2015 Reply

      I do it right You say and it doesn’t work. See, my domain is
      Maybe the templariuszy isn’t work corectly?

        I see what the problem is. Your template is causing this problem, but it can be easily fixed.
        You will have to edit the following file: /modules/mod_je_slicebox3d/css/slicebox.css at line 14:
        .shadow {… z-index:-1}
        Change the above code to
        .shadow {… z-index:1}
        This will bring the shadow forward, but will overlap the slideshow. So you will have to add a z-index to .jeSliceBox as well, just like this:
        .jeSliceBox {… z-index:2}
        Hope it helps!

i have problem when i add a link to a slide
there is any specification in adding link’s ??

it give me this error Notice: Undefined variable: linkTarget in C:\wamp\www\SiteTest\modules\mod_je_slicebox3d\mod_je_slicebox

    It was a bug in the code: a variable was not defined when you chose to add a link to a slide.
    Have corrected the problem, please download the new version and reinstall.

Simple for an idiot user to install, so it works really well for me. Is it possible to have more than 20 slides? Alternatively, is it possible to have multiple slideshows?

    Sorry, but the module is not designed to display multiple slideshows on the same page, you can set up multiple slideshow modules on different pages if that is needed.
    To add more slides you will have to edit the mod_je_slicebox3d.xml file and add replicated the code. How many slides you need? If you don’t want like one million 🙂 I can modify the module and can add more.

Hi Thanks for the nice slideshow.
Why between slides I have a gray framework and not the overlapping of the next slide?

    Another user reported similar issue, I suppose it is a jQuery conflict that is causing this problem. Will investigate.

During the animation time between two slides the transition takes place smoothly like yours but the overlapping is a grey colour and not the next image. I reistalled the module but the issue persist.

    To speed up the time of one slide animation, you should reduce the value of “Sequential Factor” in the module parameter. It would be great if you could provide a live demo to your site so I can check what is causing the grey overlapping.

aliexpress po polsku August 4, 2017 Reply

Hi, is it safe i mean does it have some gateway for hackers like in revolusion sliger plugin for WP many site has been hacked

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