Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla

joomla pricing module free

If you are offering products or services on your joomla website you may find this pricing table useful to display the features and the pricing of your plans. I have created this free pricing table module to make your job easier and have included a lots of features to it. (…)

Joomla Content Accordion Module

content accordion joomla module

Simple to use accordion module for Joomla that allows you to display your website content in a very fancy way. The module can fit any website, because it is fully customizable: you can change the colors of the accordion to fit the color scheme of your joomla template. The module (…)

Free Joomla jQuery Tabs Module

joomla content tabs module

If you want to make your website’s content more compact I would recommend using this content tabs module for this purpose. The setup of this module is very simple. Install the module as you would install any other module, go to the module manager and configure it. The module allows (…)