Facebook FanBox for Joomla

facebook likebox fanbox module joomla

Display your facebook friends and post stream on your website with this simple, easy to use facebook likebox module for joomla. The module allows you to customize the fanbox as you want. The setup of the module is very simple, just insert your facebook page url and save the settings: (…)

Social Media Profile Icons Module Joomla

social profiles icons joomla module

This is another very simple social module for joomla that allows you to link to your favorite social media profiles from your website. The module is very straightforward, copy and paste the profile URL you would like to use and save the settings; the new icon will appear on your (…)

Social Icons Module for Joomla

social icons module joomla

If you want to quickly display your social profiles on your site, download this great module. The setup is very simple,  just enter the URL of the social profile you would like to link and the icon will appear on your homepage. There are available 3 different icon styles: square, (…)