jQuery Lightbox Image Gallery Module for Joomla

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Here is a very simple image gallery for your Joomla website. With this jQuery LightBox module, you can display images very easily. First, install the module to your Joomla site, select the folder where you have uploaded the  images and publish the module. It is very simple.

The module has many features like auto thumbnail creation with image crop, custom color feature for image borders, option for jQuery library load (disable jQuery library if other extensions are already loading it).

I think the module does not require any other explanation; download and use it! If you may find any bug, just let us know and we will fix it.

Luiz Antonio March 17, 2015 Reply

when I click on the images, they do not carry in popup, but carry on a new page.

    Probably because of some javascript conflict, or maybe there is no jQuery library loaded on your website. Do you have an online demo, it would be much easier to investigate what the problem is.

With this plugin can you add text and also a hyperlink to the popup?
What about textbox or other for input fields for email and name

    The lightbox allows you to add html to the popup, however the module is only designed to support images. I will consider creating a new module where you can add custom html to the lightbox, and also the possibility to insert a subscription form.

Igualmente no abre la imagen en un ligthbox, sino como ventana nueva, estaría genial que funcionara, necesita una extensión aparte, saludos

    Probably some other modules you have installed are not compatible with the my Lightbox module. Check if jQuery is loaded only ones.


First of all I love lightbox. Now as you can see in the link I provided it shows up in a news page. This is not I want.

How to fix this?


    I’m not exactly sure what your problem is. I don’t even see the gallery module on your page.

Hi there,
Thanks for this!!! But, I get an error message:
Please check the module settings and make sure you have entered a valid image folder path!
Not sure what to do? I already selected the images path I want to use.

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