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I was searching on the web for some special jQuery sliders, which are different from the others; well I have found Parallax. I was amazed about what this content slider can do. I wanted it to my website and decided to transform it into a Joomla module. This is how this extension was born. I was thinking about keeping it to myself,  but after a while I have decided to share it with others, because it is more fun to see my modules on other people’s websites as well.

Some of the main features of this module that, it supports up to 20 slides, I have designed 10 different styles to blend perfectly into any template, it use jQuery for this special animation, and I’m planning to add more features in the future.

If you have any idea on how can I improve this module, or if you found any error into this module, please use the comment form on this page to submit your feedback.


Is there an option to not have a background style…?? I just want a transparent background with test and the image on the side?

    Ryan, this is a really good idea, in the next update I will include the possibility to have your own parallax background or to disable it (however that does not make much sense because the parallax effect will be disabled). Please check back in a few days to download the new version.

Hasan Asgari March 12, 2015 Reply

Hi There
I tried to use this module in my website. After installing which was successful, I’m still unable to configure the module. when I click on it, I receive an empty screen. I tried your other slide show modules and the result was the same. Is there any hope to solve this problem?
My Joomla ver is 3.4.

    Did you enabled the jQuery library in the module? By default it is disabled. Probably this is why the slideshow was not loading for you.

i want to resize slide title and slide text so it can be more customisable for each slide, how can i do that?

    In the module folder you will have to edit the following file: css/style.css
    Find the following codes and adjust the font size as you want:
    .da-slide h2 {font-size:66px; ….} – for the title
    .da-slide p {font-size:18px; …} – for the slide text.
    Joomla version does not matter.

thanks for your wonderful module
please I want to make the slide text divided in lines or bullets but it removes any new line space at front end page?? can you help me

please i want to divide the slide text into bullets or multiple lines , can you help me?

    Hello Amany! I have made few changes to the module.
    You will have to download it again and reinstall to your site.
    By adding the regular html list codes to the “Slide Text” fields in the module parameters you can now have bullets, here is an example, just remove spaces:
    < ul>
    < li>Bullet 1 < /li>
    < li>Bullet 2 < /li>
    < li>Bullet 2 < /li>
    < /ul>

thanks for your reply and your attention
it works good!!
but i can’t change the direction of the list to RTL cause i am working on multilingual website.
how can i handle it??
thanks in advance for your help

    The RTL feature is not integrated in the module, so you will need to do that manually by adding extra code.

Thanks for your wonderful module.
I think you should add an option to upload Background.

    Thanks for the suggestion, will consider this in the next update.

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