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If you are offering products or services on your joomla website you may find this pricing table useful to display the features and the pricing of your plans. I have created this free pricing table module to make your job easier and have included a lots of features to it. It is fully customizable, you can change colors, font styles, size of the font, etc to match your website’s design.

Here is a screenshot of some of the available module parameters:

joomla pricing table change colors

The setup of the pricing table is pretty easy. After installing the module, in the module manager you can set up the plans you want. You can add up to five different plans to the module, and you can have a favorite plan as well. You can add the details of each plan in the Manage Plans tab in the module editor.

Here is a screenshot of a plan parameters:

pricing table plan setup

If you have any questions, or you may have any suggestions on how to improve this module, please send a message in the comment section below.


Hi, sorry for my english.
Great module, thank you.
I have a problem:
For example, i want use only 3 column of 5, and i want see these 3 column on all width, but i see 3 column of left, and 2 free places of right
And i see on your demo all correct.
Where is a error?

    The maximum with of each plan container is limited to 220 pixels, that is why there is a gap at the right of the pricing table.
    You want to align the table to the center? I will include this feature in the next update, so you can choose the alignment of the whole pricing table.

when i try to make change on the backend it does not appear on the frontend instantly. what to do?

    Probably you are using caching, that is why the changes are not visible instantly.

Hello Admin!
Could you tell me please how I can use Google fonts Cyrillic for this module?

    Hi Anton! You have to type in “Cyrillic” in the Google Font Style module parameter field.


I would like to a little move second and third module because are to close. Where I can increase the gap between the modules?

    You will need to edit the style.css file, locate and edit the following code:
    #pricePlans #plans .plan {
    box-shadow:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.09) 0 1px 3px;
    margin:0 0 20px;

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