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This is another very simple social module for joomla that allows you to link to your favorite social media profiles from your website. The module is very straightforward, copy and paste the profile URL you would like to use and save the settings; the new icon will appear on your website.

At this point there are over 60 rounded vector icons included of 3 different sizes that can be changed in the module parameters:

social profile icon sizes vectors

There is space for more icons, so if you think I’m missing any social website, please let me know in the comments and I will happily include them.

reynald pean April 28, 2015 Reply

I have installed both this extension and the social icon and uploaded the free social icons found on free Icon, but neither of these extension seems to appear on my website. I don’t get it… I’m using a template that specify the use of your extension on Joomla 3 and yet I got nothing… Please help

    After installing the modules, you have to go to Module Manager and enable the module you want to use:
    1. Choose module position and change Status to published.
    2. In Menu Assignment tab choose to show the module on all pages
    3. Complete the necessary fields (module parameters) and save your settings
    Hope this helps you to figure it out.

Hi Admin,

i’m making an website with joomla 3.4.1 and i have a problem with the social icons, example facebook, twitter , youtube not working, all the other ones are working, please can you tell my does icons doesn’t work.


    Just tested the module with the latest Joomla version and all icons are showing properly. Have no idea why it is not showing for you. Try to reinstall the module.

    Have you added the URL for each of these profiles? Other icons are working?

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