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This weekend I have read that using a like plugin on your website can increase conversion rate with around 30%. This number caught my attention and decide to implement a sticky bar to one of my website, to check if this will do anything in the long run. Because I don’t want to keep the possibility only for my self to increase conversion, I decided to give this plugin to the public so anyone using Joomla can implement this sticky horizontal bar module to their website.

So, let’s take a look how this Hellobar alternative works, and how to set it up. After downloading the module, you just have to install to your Joomla website, publish it to the page you want to have it active or to all pages of you want to show the sticky bar on the whole website.

The configuration of the module is very simple, you can change colors, font style, font size, add your custom text and customize the call to action button as well. Here is a screenshot of the currently available module parameters:

sticky bar hellobar alternative joomla module

I would recommend setting up a new module position for this module, because if you set it up in the left or right side of your website, and your template has framed module positions, you may see an empty module box and that is kind of ugly if you ask me. So setting it up to a module position that is not usually used, would be a great idea.

Unfortunately it is not possible to add custom code to the message text, to include a sing-up form or to have an javascript based advertisement displayed, you can only add plain text. I’m planning to integrate these features in the next version. If you have any other suggestions of what other features to integrate, feel free to leave a comment.


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