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When looking for web hosting service for your website, it could be difficulty to choose because of the high amount of providers that offers different features at various rates. If you pick the wrong hosting company, you may end up losing all your hard work and effort you put in your website. To help you out, I decided to share my experience with you and have create a top 3 list of the best shared hosting firms.

#1 BlueHost

BlueHost is my favorite shared hosting provider. Their servers are super fast and both Joomla and WordPress sites perform very well with Bluehost. From my testings resulted that the server where my websites are hosted has a very good uptime, 99.9% according to my testing with UptimeRobot. Read my complete BlueHost review here…

#2 iPage

ipage web hosting
iPage is my second favorite hosting provider, because here I can setup simple websites that don’t require a content management system and can built them quickly with the included Webbly site builder. Trough my testings with UptimeRobot, sites hosting with Ipage had 100% uptime, during the test period of over 90 days. Read my full iPage review here…

#3 InMotion

inmotion web hosting
InMotion goes on the third place only because I do not use it very often. They also perform extremely well, and has a wide range of plans to choose from depending on the number of websites you want to host. They have Joomla optimized hosting for those who choose to build their website with this cms. From my testings with UptimeRobot resulted a 99.8% uptime for websites hosted with InMotion hosting. Read my entire InMotion hosting review here…

Please note, that if you sign up with any of the above mentioned companies using my links, I will get a small commission. It won’t cost you more, it will just help me to keep going with my website and help me develop more great extensions and free software. Even though I’m affiliated with these companies, I’m ranking them by the following criterions:

My personal experience

I have tested all the above hosting companies, and still have at least one account at each of them. I’m running at least one website with each company, so I’m not only buying hosting from them, but also keep track of the uptime and performance of my websites with each provider.

Reliability, Performance and Uptime

I don’t like slow websites, and I really hate when my website is not available due to my hosting account. I choose to rank the companies that provide the highest uptime based on my tests and experience.

Technical support and help

I’m a developer, so I don’t need much assistance when something is not working on my website. I try to solve it myself, because I like debugging and love figuring out thing by myself. But even so, there are some issues I can’t fix, which are related to server configuration and I don’t have access to them. In such cases I rely on the hosting company’s support and it is important for me to get proper help. I assure you, that the above companies will give you the technical support you need.

Certainly there are some other factors as well to consider when searching for a hosting account, such as price, customer feedback, plan features, upgrade options, etc, but in for me these are not as important as the three I explained above.

Not only myself but other hosting review sites also recommend the above mentioned hosting providers. They might have different opinion on which is the best host, but in every top list I can find BlueHost, iPage and InMotion.

Many customers sign up with the cheapest hosting company, but after a while they realize it was a bad choice and move on without being able to recover their money and in the end they spend more money like they would spend choosing a better hosting plan for more. Other customers look around more carefully and search for hosting reviews, but these sites are not always telling you the truth. From my experience I know that mostly unhappy customers submit their reviews to these websites and complain about bad service, happy customers don’t care about complimenting the service provider. The unlimited plan can be a bit confusing for new users, who don’t know how hosting works, and they think that a plan that offer unlimited space and transfer will also offer unlimited resources. This is totally wrong, if your website is starting to get more and more visitors, you will need to upgrade from shared to virtual or dedicated server. If the firm you are hosting with, is offering upgrade possibilities is pretty good, because you can stay in-house without the need to look for a new provider when it is time to upgrade.

Few months ago I launched a new web project and started using HostGator. Will do a review very soon about HostGator, until then I suggest trying out this website for latest HostGator coupons. I also recommend checking out this hosting guide to find out how to find and choose a cheap and reliable hosting plan for your website.

In the next part of this article I will talk about the different hosting types, and will teach you when you have to upgrade.

hammed Abdalla June 16, 2015 Reply

Thanks a lot
I think BlueHost company is the best
I have experience with them

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